This year, Singapore is proud to be the host for this conference that draws participants from not only the Asian countries, but outreaches to students, the academic and professionals from beyond the shores of Asia.

The conference aims to provide an avenue for students to come together and fellowships are given out to students with a desire to learn and be part of the community. If your organization would like to sponsor in part to the organizing of this event, or to provide a means for overseas students to attend this event, please email us at

We thank you for your support and kind generosity.

The AYRCOB 2010/11 Team
Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore

4th AYRCOB Sponsors:

Global COE program “Genome BigBang” of The University of Tokyo, Japan

APBioNet: the Asia-Pacific regional consortium for bioinformatics

University of Science and Technology, Korea

Daejeon Convention Center

National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

Association of Medical and Bioinformatics Singapore

PUB, Singapore’s national water agency

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